TEFL Certificate and Diploma Courses

Certificate Course

  1. Teaching Grammar
  2. Techniques for Teaching Comprehension
  3. Techniques for Teaching Pronunciation &; Vocabulary
  4. Midterm Exam
  5. Techniques for Expressing Ideas to English from any language
  6. Techniques for Teaching Idioms
  7. Teaching Techniques for Writing
  8. How to find & teach your own students(private accounts)
  9. Classroom Preparation & Teaching Tips
  10. Certificate Final Exam
Fee $185 USD

Diploma Course

    To continue Upon completion of the Certificate course..
  1. Teaching Business English
  2. Teaching Children
  3. Phonetics
  4. Curriculum Development
  5. Student Assessment
  6. Teaching Abroad
  7. Diploma Final Exam
Fee $245 USD

Overview and Recognition

SeriousTEFL courses are the most technologically advanced online programs in the industry and we were the first to offer the courses exclusively online. Designed and implemented by experienced teachers whom have traveled and taught in various countries, subjects and levels. Our programs' practical applications aim directly at the core of what is needed for you to become an effective ESL teacher. This is accomplished by offering the initial know-how and confidence which is imperative for teaching your very first class and continuously building from this platform throughout your teaching career. Our modules and syllabus have been intensely scrutinized and applied to ensure maximum coverage of all topics, techniques and strategies. Each module covers all relatable material as well as instruct the student of the necessary tools in order to teach effectively. Graduates that complete our course refer back to the lessons and tips consistently when adding to their abilities and the overall classroom dynamic. Our courses are accepted and endorsed by over 7,000 schools and educational establishments worldwide via the International Alliance of Teachers and Employers delegation.


We shall consider granting a partial scholarship to individual whom are experiencing financial hardship. Scholarship Application

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot that can be said about this issue but we will try to address it as brief as we possibly can. First, we need to ask the following questions:
  • Did living in caves prove to be better shelter than manmade homes?
  • Were horse driven buggies better than cars?
  • Was communicating via Telegraph better than the Telephone?
  • Is corresponding via letters/postal mail better than email?
  • Is getting the news via newspapers better than through Television or the Internet?
  • Is searching for information via Encyclopedias better than using the Internet?
Human advancement from their old approaches to new versions have always been opposed by those afraid of change and technology based improvements. There are rumors that schools worldwide do not recognize TEFL type online degrees.
This is almost a completely insignificant proclamation, because presently they only account for less than 1% of all educational establishments worldwide and this is decreasing every day. Online education in general, today is the norm as opposed to the exception. Degrees of all variance and levels are being obtained online, including ones even of higher education caliber and are widely accepted in this global world.
All companies that offer in-house courses also offer online, therefore this debate is moot since they themselves recognize the need for it.
Well-structured TEFL online courses:
  • are by far cheaper
  • do not require traveling
  • are convenient and can be taken at the student’s own pace
  • if the syllabus and site is user-friendly as well as technologically advanced (such as live timed exams), they thus can be completely comparable to in-house.
There are no major differences. They are just referring to a slightly different meaning and thus a different acronym. However, they all refer to the same original acronym and course; TEFL “Teach English as a Foreign Language” CELTA is the original and at one time was the Cadillac of all courses but as teaching abroad has changed, the curriculum for CELTA has not and is now outdated but yet still overpriced..
Yes. In recent years this has become the biggest change in the market as now almost all schools across the board require TEFL certification and that even includes teachers who have a teaching certification in their country of birth because TEFL is a specialization. It is required for both native and non-native speakers. Not only do the schools require it, various countries request this from the schools for VISA and immigration purposes. Therefore, TEFL degrees have become mandatory and this includes even if you have other highly regarded credentials. Additionally many schools will not even consider candidates for their vacant positions who do not have such TEFL type degrees.
Yes. Due to our excellent reputation amongst International Employers, Educational Agencies and Associations for the past 8 years, SeriousTEFL is recognized by employers worldwide including hundreds which directly accept our Certification via our job board and sister site seriousteachers.com
There are several reasons to take our course as opposed to others.
  1. We are the only ones whom offer completely automated courses in the industry. All lessons are programmed which allow you to systematically advance once you complete them, including the mid-term and final exams which are also automated for grading. This makes them the most user friendly TEFL courses in the market.
  2. Our courses are the only ones that will give you practical lessons and strategies that you can actually use in the classroom and not just in theory.
  3. These courses were developed by ESL teachers with over 100 years of combined teaching experience for various levels, ages and countries, including the founders of SeriousTeachers.com. Their wide range of knowledge is embedded in every section of these courses.
  4. Immediate recognition by thousands of schools that advertise with us making job placement inevitable.
  5. Many competitors have accreditation solely through membership based payments which do not include any legitimate oversight nor offer any value when trying to obtain a job.
  6. We are the only company in the industry with an exclusive and authentic job board. Other companies offering job assistance actually just go to other job boards and place them on their board.
  7. Impeccable customer service, after-sales service and troubleshooting.
  8. Unquestionable and authentic student testimonials on our homepage.
Our Certificate program is 60 hours and our Diploma program is 120 hours.
This area is up to each individual teacher. Many schools accept either but some institutions do require over 100 hours as they prefer to see the teacher has been fully trained. It is a good idea to decide which countries and the type of positions you are applying for in order to reach a conclusion in this area. As you can see by examining the study modules and what they include; both courses are very complete. The 60-hour course offers a Certificate and the 120-hour course offers a Diploma. The degree that you receive upon completion will indicate as such. The Certificate course studies all the base modules in order to be prepared to teach ESL. The Diploma course includes the same modules as the Certificate but also covers 6 extra modules and focuses on specific areas such as teaching Business English and ESL for Children. With the Diploma course there is also one additional exam.
Yes. Simultaneously, with your SeriousTEFL registration you have the option of submitting your profile/resume to SeriousTeachers.com in which, you can start applying for all available jobs as well as all employers will examine your resume. We are the most efficient and popular job site in the market. Our unique state-of-the-art website enables employers to find the teachers they are looking for and teachers to find the jobs they desire. By completing our Certificate or Diploma course, this increases your potential and expands your credentials. Employers on our site are alerted of your SeriousTEFL Certification on your individual profile.
The price of the 60-hour Certificate course is $185 US.
The price of the 120-hour Diploma course is $245 US.
Upon graduation either degree will be sent out via priority mail.
We offer a variety of online payment systems including Credit Card, PayPal and we also accept Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer.
Access to the course if paid by Credit Card would be within 12 hours. If by Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer, it would be upon receipt of payment. You must inform us via email that the payment has been dispatched.
It will be sent out to you via priority mail upon passing the Final Exam. It usually takes approximately 10 to 20 business days to arrive, depending on the country.
Anyone can verify the authenticity of SeriousTEFL issued Certificates and Diplomas by entering the following link and introducing the Graduate ID located at the bottom left corner of the corresponding Certificate or Diploma: http://www.seriousteachers.com/TEFL/verify/ This link can also be used by future employers as verification.

The Registration and Payment Process

  1. Payment for your course.
    Course Payment
  2. Upon successful confirmation and receipt of your payment(please allow between 1 to 8 hours), you will receive an email where you will be able to Register for your corresponding course in which you have already paid for.
  3. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an Activation Email.
  4. You will then be able to Login, activate and begin your course.
  5. You have up to one month to complete the Certificate course and up to two months for the Diploma course. Extensions can be granted upon request.
  6. Upon successful completion of your course, an original copy of your TEFL Certificate or Diploma will be mailed to your address as provided. The arrival period is estimated between 10 to 30 days depending on the country of its destination.
  7. A soft copy(scan) of your TEFL Certificate or Diploma can be sent to your email upon request.

ECE, English, Social Studies, Chemistry Jobs in SH

Openings are all in Shanghai at various schools including ECE Teacher, Preschool/Kindergarten
English Teacher, ES/MS English Teacher, English Literature Teacher, English Writing Teacher,
Social Studies Teacher and Chemistry Teacher.

I: ECE - 5 yrs old
A prestigious International and local Kindergarten in Shanghai is looking for ECE Homeroom
teachers to teach 5 years old children.

• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-Country Speaker
• Major in teaching or education is preferred
• 2 years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record

1.Teach English and Math
2. Work as a homeroom teacher to manage the entire classroom
3. Build up relationship with parents, write communication book and have parent meetings.
4. Assess Children’s development and write reports for all the student in the class
5. Prepare for open day activity
6. Participate in school-wide event

Contract Term: August 15, 2018 to June 30, 2019 (renewable based on performance)
Working Hour: 8am to 4pm

Compensation and Benefits:
Salary: Minimum 20,000RMB monthly
Bonus: Based on performance
Medical Insurance: Covered through out the whole year up to 8400RMB.
Holiday: 3 weeks in Christmas and 1.5 weeks in summer.
Airline allowance: A round-way ticket from Shanghai to home city up to 12,000RMB
Leaves: 7 days paid sick leave
Professional Development: 3 opportunities per year and other team building activities.

II: Preschool and Kindergarten English Teacher
A famous International Pre-School and Kindergarten in Shanghai is looking for English teachers.
Here all classes are led by native English speakers with the assistance of Chinese teaching

Position Summary: Teach kids from 2-6 with a large variety of activities and classes, including
English, Math, Science, Construction, Story time, Gross Motor, Ball Games, Show and Tell, Music,
Guided Play, World Exploration, Theater and Baking.

• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-country speaker
• Over two years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record
• Good manners and love to work with little kids
TEFL/TESOL/CELTA holders will be first considered

1. Teach daily class to kids aged from 2-6.
2. Work as a homeroom teacher to manage the entire classroom
3. Set and finish annual teaching plans
4. Organize the performance for Christmas and Promotion Day
5. Participate in school-wide event like parent conference and celebration activities, parties etc.

Contract Term: August, 2018 to June, 2019 (renewable based on performance)

Compensation and Benefits:
• Salary: 12,000-15,000RMB monthly taxable
• Bonus: 5,000RMB if returns
• Medical Insurance: covered by school.
• Holiday: Spring holidays, Christmas, Chinese holidays and three weeks in August.
• Leaves: 3 days paid sick leave.
• Housing allowance: 6,000RMB monthly

III: ES/MS English Teacher
A prestigious local school in Shanghai is looking for English teachers for ES (grade 1-5) and MS (6-
8) international divisions.

Requirement: :
• Minimum BA degree
• Native English-Country Speaker
• Major in teaching or education is a plus
• 2 years of teaching experience.
• Non-criminal record
• Good team player
• An outgoing personality
• Able to handle pressure
• Love children and education

1. Teach English, Music, Science, Arts etc.
2. Teach 22 classes (35 minutes per) weekly.
3. Design and prepare lesson based on the school curriculum.
4. Attend professional development or team meeting with PRC English teacher
5. Participate in school-wide event like parent conference, fields day and celebration activities
6. May need to sub and tutor as needed.

Contract Term: August, 2018 to July, 2019 (renewable based on performance)

Compensation and Benefits:
• Salary: net 216,000RMB annual
• Bonus: 4,000RMB per semester based on performance
• Medical Insurance: teachers are covered by school.
• Holiday: Winter and summer holiday follows Chinese school calendar. Extra 2 days at
• Airline allowance: A round-way ticket from Shanghai to home city up to 10,000RMB for
• Leaves: 6 days paid sick leave per school year.
• Housing allowance: 4,000RMB monthly
• Transportation allowance: 4,400RMB annual

More position details to be found on www.xiyaedu.com

If interested, please submit an online application to apply through

Emails us: recruitment@xiyaedu.com

Golden Staffing Required Degrees: Preferred for some
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , French , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics , Summer Camp ,  
Details: Let us prepare a place for you... 700+ jobs all over China, 14,000-40,000 RMB MONTHLY -
Fantastic jobs, visa, airport pick up, housing provided or stipend + so much more...
Hot jobs:
Job ID: LYN21
Teachers wanted for humanity courses (16K-24K RMB monthly) - 2 openings

Job Description:
1. Teach English Language Arts, Intensive Reading, Book Club and American History
2. Responsible for lesson planning as well as curriculum development
3. Help students reach their goal in learning English
4. Promote a good atmosphere during class
Benefit Package
1.16000 – 24000 RMB monthly, based on experience
2.Sponsored legal Z work visa
3. Health insurance
4.Free Chinese lessons every week
5.Airport pick-up upon arrival
During your interview, we will be happy to go into more details about the specifics...
Job requirements:
1. Native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland,
Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (To meet China work visa regulations)
2. Bachelor’s Degree or above and at least 2 years work experience
3. A passion for learning, teaching and meeting new people
4. Plan to live in China for at least 1 year
About us:
Based in Beijing, China. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese Secondary school
students to attend and succeed at American high schools or Universities by providing
them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused academic English curriculum.
Team members: Our Full time foreign teachers include two teachers from Oberlin
College, one teacher from UCLA and one from San Francisco State U. Our current book
club instructors include a Cornell PhD candidate in Art History, a research fellow for
Health Economics at Peking University, a Yenching Scholar of Peking University, and we
hope to add more members to our team.
Our curriculum:
English language arts is similar to the English classes in the US whose goal is to improve
student’s academic reading and academic writing abilities by teaching them important
skills such as critical thinking, inference and evidence collection.
The Intensive Reading Class guides students to read, understand, and analyze the
reading both during classroom discussion and in written homework. Classes are divided
by student reading level: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each class is 8 weeks
long, unless otherwise stated. Class size ranges between 2 and 10 students. Students
will gain reading speed, an increased vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and a deeper
knowledge of text (both literature and language) analysis. The goal of the class is above
all to promote critical thinking, analytical skills, and understanding of the English
Language writing traditions through in-class discussion and written work.
Job ID: SU1102
Native ESL Teaching positions in Beijing
Primary school:
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.
Class size:35 students in the classroom.
Students age: 6-12 years old.
Job description: Plan the lessons and teach the students for basic works and sentence.
Encourage the students to speak better English.
Requirements: English native speakers with two year teaching experience after
TELF or TESOL for 120 hours.
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
145$(1,000rmb)for visa .453$(3,000RMB)for air tickets after one year contract.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Training for teaching.
Job ID: SU1103
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size:20 students in the classroom.
Students age: 3-5 years old.
Job conscription: Prepare the lessons and teach the kids oral English.
Requirements: English native speakers
Benefits: Salary 12,000- 18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Job ID: SU1104
Training school:
Location: near Sanyuanqiao station on line 10 in Beijing Guomao station on line1.
Schedule: Wednesday to Friday 1pm-9pm on the weekends from 11am-7pm. Less than
25 teaching hours a week..
Class size: one on one teaching or group class(less than 8 students).
Students age: Adults.
Benefits: Salary 12,000-18,000 RMB
297$(2,000rmb) for house allowance.
working visa is provide.
Paid Chinese holidays
Job ID: SU1105
Kindergarten Teaching positions in Changsha and Tianjin city.
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Class size: 20-30 students in the classroom.
Students age:3-5years old.
Requirements: English native speakers.
Paid Chinese holidays.
Free meals.
Training for teaching
Plus many more... Let us prepare a place for you...

IBestteacher Required Degrees: bachelor degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Math/Physics , Summer Camp , teach; tutor; English;TEFL;TESOL;
Details: Online English teachers are needed to 
provide English teaching to Chinese students 
in age of 5 to 16 years old.  
Full training and teaching material is provided. 
Hourly rate: 15-20USD 
(Based on your teaching experience and skills.)
Bonus which means extra 5% salary of one month would be paid for monthly full work attendance.
Chinese time: 
1. Monday-Friday: 6pm-10pm, 
2. Saturday-Sunday: 9am-10pm 
(You can work full time or part time,
at least teach for 2 or 3 days per week, 
more time available, more class will be arranged.)
1. one on one
2. one on group
25mins/30mins per class
1.Candidates with experience of teaching or tutoring students are preferred but not a must. 
You will be trained if you are not experienced.
2. A quiet room, a high speed internet connection, 
and fast operating computer is required for the position.
3. Candidates must be able to speak slowly and clearly.
English speaker who speaks English at an idiomatic level 
from USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, 
New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, etc.
1.BD degree required
2.TEFL or TESOL prefer,but not must.
If you are interested in applying for this position,
please submit CV and an one or two minute’s self-introduction video to me.
Tips: Requirement of self-introduction video
1. Basic information:
2. Teaching experience:
3. Teaching features
4. Give a teaching example: Showing how to explain a word or a sentence 
to Chinese students ( 6 years old) with body language, pictures or game.
5. For about 1min to 2 mins.
Come be part of a fun and supportive team with wonderful students eager to learn!

China-uni ltd
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: Here is an International Kindergarten looking for 5 teachers to fill in full-time positions (with a
MONTHLY SALARY of 20k and above RMB):
BEIJING Chaoyang District subway: line 5 Beiyanlu north.
LIMAI Chinese American International School is looking for full time PRE-SCHOOL Teachers
position for different locations:
- Beiyuanlu north, line 5
- Datun lu (beishatan station,line15)
- Lishuiqio station,line 5
Education Requirements:
- BA degree
- 1 year teaching experience minimum required.
- ONLY Native English speakers
- OFF on weekends
- Monthly basic salary depending on experience and demo class.
- Monthly housing allowance 3,000RMB.
- End of year bonus up to 12,000RMB when the contract finished after 1 year.
- US Calvert pedagogic materials & training provided.
- Campus accommodation with utensils and utilities depending on availability.
- Full assistance from the school on the work visa & paid Chinese government holidays.
- Health insurance benefits in international hospitals.
- Free breakfast/lunch
Please send your resume, an introduction video, photocopies of passport and/or visa as a prior

Examine all 2 ads by this employer

IINIZIO International Education Consultants Required Degrees: Bachelors Degree in the subject you wish to teach
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Only must haves :
-Bachelors Degree in the subject you wish to teach
-Availability to start from August 2018
-A valid passport from UK , USA , Ireland , Canada , Australia or New Zealand
Package :
-Annual Salary between 22500 USD to 47500 USD depending on qualifications and experience
-Free fully furnished housing with utilities paid OR accommodation allowance
- Govt medical insurance for employee
-Free annual flights for employee
And many other benefits !!!! Apply now !!!

Examine all 2 ads by this employer

RAIS Required Degrees: BA
Fields of Expertise: Nursery , Elementary , Kindergarten ,  
Details: RAIS are recruiting for 2018/19 Female Homeroom teachers Nursery to Grade 3 for their schools in
Dammam. Great accommodation and remuneration packages for the right candidates.

Required Degrees: Bachelor degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Small classroom size (about 21 students), fairly wealthy students, private school, good location
(one minute from downtown), and flexibility with lesson plans and teaching style. School size is
about 600 students, with only two native teachers on the current payroll.
Sorry, no accommodations or insurance provided; however, 35000 in Loei is at the high-end of the
range in this fairly inexpensive city.
Quiet city, in the foothills. Relatively cold winters. Very friendly locals.
1. One-year commitment, 12 months paid
2. Monthly Salary: 30,000-40,000
3. Option to work in April or October (if choose not to work Camps, will not be paid).
4. Visa and accommodation assistance.
5. Paid holidays
6. Private School
Native Speaker for teaching Prathom students
Work schedule: 7:30am-4:00pm M-F
● 25 to 48 years old, preferred
● teaching experience is preferred
● Punctual, outgoing and enthusiastic work attitude
What we offer:
●Work Permit assistance

Red Chair Recruitment Required Degrees: Degree plus Teacher Licence / PGCE is essential
Fields of Expertise: Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , Kindergarten , Math/Physics ,  
Details: Red Chair Recruitment are present recruiting for Primary (age 5-10) Teachers to work at a school
in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The school in question is managed by a Swedish based, international
Education company that operates schools around the world. The School in Jeddah, will deliver the
Cambridge International Syllabus to its students. The faculty in question is a new School which is
oversubscribed with extensive waiting lists for admittance to the school, which also boasts
exceptional facilities to its students and teachers alike.
If you are a teacher looking to enhance your skill set of working in a learning environment that
requires cultural connectivity and ESL differentiated delivery, then this is an opportunity to exploit
the potential of an invaluable grounding of international education.
Working with local children is a very rewarding and unique experience. You will have strong
attributes in regards to creativity, international social awareness, independence, patience and
resilience; the teacher will deliver outstanding teaching and learning and therefore help students
achieve excellent academic results, and will be a role-model to the School.
The Requirements:
In addition to being a qualified teacher with up-to-date relevant curriculum knowledge, the
successful candidate will:
• Hold qualifications and passport from USA, Ireland, Canada, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and
Australia ONLY. Please note no other nationalities will be considered because of visa restrictions in
Saudi Arabia
• Be passionate about young people and education and be able to engage a motivate students,
based on high expectations;
• Hold a degree and Qualified Teacher Status or equivalent;
• Show commitment to the principle that all children can achieve beyond what they previously
thought possible;
• Skillfully use planning and assessment to match learning to individual learner need;
• Engage in the whole school, through form tutoring, extra-curricular activity and learning outside
the classroom, as well as within;
• Seek to consistently improve her own practice through Continuous Professional Development;
• Promote the wider aspirations and values of the school;
• Have at least three years’ experience in teaching (essential for visa regulation although please do
ask if unsure) since qualification;
• Qualifications and passport holders MUST be from USA, Ireland, Canada, UK, South Africa, New
Zealand and Australia ONLY. Please note no other nationalities will be considered because of visa
restrictions in Saudi Arabia
• Arabic Speakers highly sought
Package on offer:
• A TAX FREE salary negotiable on experiences and qualification
• Western Compound housing including all utility bills free of charge
• Medical Insurance
• Flights
• End of contract bonuses as per Saudi Arabia labour laws
• Please Note: For cultural reasons in Saudi Arabia the position on offer is reserved for female
applicants only at this time.

If you wish to apply for this post, please send on your CV to Adrien.kingredchair.ie for further
Adrien King
Director of International Operations

BFI Education Services Co. Ltd. Required Degrees: A 4-year university degree (BA/BS degree or higher
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Kindergarten , French , Science , Math/Physics , MUSICS
Details: TEACHING VACANCY in Myanmar (Burma) at BFI International Schools
Shu Khinn Thar International School, Bahan International Science Academy, Mandalay
International Science Academy and Naypyidaw International Science Academy are among the top
international schools in Myanmar, are looking for dedicated teachers to work in Yangon and
Mandalay for the 2018-19 academic year.
The academic year commences on July 23, 2018 for both Yangon Campuses.
The academic year commences on May 22, 2018 for Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.
English Language Teacher
English IGCSE Teacher
English Teacher for Kindergarten
Math Teacher
French Teacher
Music Teacher
- A native or near-native English speaker
- A 4-year university degree (BA/BS degree or higher)
- Minimum 4 years of teaching experience
- Be enthusiastic, positive-thinking, hard-working, patient
- Working hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm
- Teaching hours: 25 periods per week
Attractive salary
Lunch at school
Paid public holidays
5 days per annum sick pay
Visa sponsorship
Round-trip air ticket
Please send the followings attached to your email:
- Cover letter
- Copies of university degrees and qualifications
- Three references (including your most recent two employers)
- CRB checks, passport photo page scan and a recent photograph
*** In the Subject line please indicate the position you are applying for. Incomplete applications will
NOT be considered. Only the applicants who meet the necessary requirements will be contacted
for a interview.

Required Degrees: BA/BS OR HIGHER
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: VOU Agency is a reliable and one of the best ESL recruiting network
in Korea and we are a fully licensed and accredited ESL
recruiting company licensed by the Government of South
Korea, We are closely working with well-established and
reputable schools that have good working conditions and
assist teachers with the smooth transition into a new
exciting life in Korea.
Our agency is the one who pick up the teachers with own
recruiters and continuous care and support after placement.
So if you would like to live overseas while saving money,
learning a new language and culture but don’t know where
to start, here is the fantastic opportunity for you.
– Native English Speaker from [US, Canada, UK, Australia,
New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa]
– BA / BS Degree or higher (any major)
How to apply
Please e-mail your cover letter, resume with picture.
If you send me more detailed information it helps me a lot..
like this:
Date available:
Date of birth:
Preferred location: Any location or ?
Do you want to work public schools or private academy or do
not mind
E2 visa documents ready: Yes ( ), No ( )
Smoker:Yes( ) No ( )
Tattoo:Yes( ) No( )
Pay $2,000 to $3,300USD per month
Rent free apartment
Round-trip flights included
20 working days vacation +around 15-20days national holidays
Medical / Pension 50/50%
Salay bonus once you complete your contract + lots more.
In addition, you will get:
– Round-trip airfare
– rent-free apartment
– 10 paid vacation + 15 national holidays
– medical contributions
– pension contributions
– 1 month salary bonus on completion of contract
– 3 sick paid leave
————–Sample Position Available———-
1. Location: GimHae CITY (Near by Busan and Changwon)
Date: last June
Teaching Target:Elementary to Middle
Salary : 2.1 TO 2.3million KRW base pay per month
Housing : Studio Sized Apt.
Airfare: Round Trip
Severance: at the end of the contract one month’s pay will be given
Health Insurance: 50/50 provided
10 days vacation plus all national holidays
Teaching hours : 100 teaching hours per month max
Over time : available(18,000 to 22,000/per hour)
Working time : Monday – Friday (1pm-8pm/teaching 2:30-8pm).
2)Location: Suji CITY
Date: Last June
Salary : 2.1 TO 2.3 million KRW base pay per month
Housing : Studio Sized Apt.
Airfare: Round Trip
Severance: at the end of the contract one month’s pay will be given
Health Insurance: 50/50 provided
10 days vacation plus all national holidays
Teaching hours : 120 teaching hours per month max.
Over time : available(18,000 to 22,000/per hour)
Working time : Monday – Friday 9AM TO 6PM
3)Location: Pyeongtaek CITY ( GYOPO TEACHER WANTED )
Date: ASAP
Salary : 2.2 TO 2.5million KRW base pay per month
Housing : Studio Sized Apt.
Airfare: Round Trip
Severance: at the end of the contract one month’s pay will be given
Health Insurance: 50/50 provided
10 days vacation plus all national holidays
Teaching hours : 120 teaching hours per month max.
Over time : available(18,000 to 22,000/per hour)
Working time : Monday – Friday 2PM TO 10PM
4)Location: SoonCheon CITY ( Southcoast) --COUPLE POSITION
Date: in the middle of July
Teaching Target: Kinder Elementary
Salary : 2.1 TO 2.4 million KRW base pay per month
Housing : Couple Housing
Airfare: Round Trip
Severance: at the end of the contract one month’s pay will be given
Health Insurance: 50/50 provided
10 days vacation plus all national holidays
Teaching hours : 120 teaching hours per month max.
Over time : available(18,000 to 22,000/per hour)
Working time : Monday – Friday 2PM TO 9PM
5)Location: Daegu CITY (Susunggu)
Date: Last June
Teaching Target: ELEMENTARY
Salary : 2.1 TO 2.3 million KRW base pay per month
Housing : provide Studio Sized Apt.
Airfare: provide Round Trip
Severance: at the end of the contract one month’s pay will be given
Health Insurance: 50/50 provided
10 days vacation plus all national holidays
Teaching hours : 120 teaching hours per month max.
Over time : available(18,000 to 22,000/per hour)
Working time : Monday – Friday 2pm TO 9pm

Beijing New Talent Academy Required Degrees: Bachelor or undergraduate
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science ,  
Details: Beijing New Talent Academy
Who we are
Beijing New Talent Academy that set up in 2008, is a private boarding school with A-level and AP
curriculums. It is a K to 12 educational system including Kindergarten(on campus), Dragon Bay
Kindergarten (off campus), Primary School, Cambridge Center (Middle and High School), AP
Center (Middle and High School), Art & PE Center and Chinese Language Center. There are
around 2500 students, 100 of whom are foreign nationalities, and around 700 teachers and working
staff, 45 of whom are foreign nationalities.
Nearby environment
Global food and drinks, children amusement, leisure, fashion, shopping: Shine Hills Town / Euro
Plaza / Pinnacle Plaza / Luoma Lake/Wenyu Lake/Longwan Villa lake
Supermarket: Jenny Wang / Wumart / BHG / Yonghui / Carrefour
Roundabout Public Welfare 2nd-hand shop
Transportation: buses, line 15 subway
On going positions available
❈ ESL teachers for on campus Kindergarten
❈ ESL teachers and assistants for Dragon Bay Kindergarten
What we offer
❈ Monthly salary before tax: 10,000RMB - 25,000RMB (including Evaluation)
❈ Work subsidy: 80RMB monthly
❈ Meal: around 300RMB monthly
❈ Accommodation: one-bedroom studio on campus or off campus allowance
❈ Annual bonus: one month’s basic salary
❈ Annual Subsidy: 3,000RMB (Spring Festival) /1500RMB (Teachers Day)
❈ 50% of winter holiday salary for two years contract and 80% for three years.
❈ Insurance: 100% coverage for accidence and inpatient treatment in public hospitals
❈ Work Visa sponsorship
❈ Teaching training and promotion opportunities
❈ Free Chinese lesson
❈ For dependents: 70% to 80% tuition fee discount, and work opportunity
Job description
❈ 40 office hours including 22 teaching periods per week, 40 min per period except Kindergartens
❈ 20 to 30 students per class
Job requirements
❈ Minimum Bachelor degree
❈ Minimum two years teaching experience or teaching related certification
❈ Teachers from English native countries
Applicants will need to provide
❈ CV with no gaps, a photo from head to toe, a valid passport and/or visa, degree and related
❈ Salary expectation and available time for possible interview.
To work in China you will need to provide
❈ A passport with more than one year validation
❈ Overseas police clearance (from your country of origin any others you have lived in for longer
than six months)
❈ Legalized police clearance, degree and/or teaching certification
Contact Joy Yu at
Beijing New Talent Academy
Phone 86-10-80413037 / 80413653
gjbyjtbjnewtalent / http://.bjnewtalent/english_sub.html
No.9 Anhua Str, Shunyi Dist, Beijing, China (5 kilometers north-west of Guozhan subway station on
Line 15)
Check http://.bjnewtalent/hanyu/English.html for foreign students recruiting information!

Foreign Teachers Comments
Craig(UK)-- PhD / Uni of Dundee
CIC prepares students for study overseas and it is a rewarding challenge teaching these talented
and highly motivated students, some of whom have gone on to top universities in the UK, the US
and else where. The school is situated in a relatively quiet area of a large and crowded city and so
life here is a good balance between the two.
Amanda(USA)--BS / Eastern Illinois Uni
I have enjoyed teaching the primary students, especially those who are always excited for my
lesson. I also have enjoyed teaching at BNTA as I have made a few lifelong friends with some of
the Chinese teachers and have enjoyed learning more about their culture.
Eric(USA)--BA / Uni. of Northern Colorado
I enjoy the life of this campus. I like to see students having fun in the hallway and around campus.
The school has perfect spots for the students to play and enjoy nature. The flower gardens are
breathtaking and on any spring day you can pass beautiful rose bushes and nearby you can see
students playing basketball or talking in the playground.
David(IRL)--BA / Dublin City Uni.
Working in BJNTA is a rewarding experience. Both the Chinese and foreign staff are friendly and
welcoming. The students are fun to teach and interact with and the classrooms are equipped with
the latest technology. In addition, the cost of living is much lower than western countries, which
makes it very economical. I have found working here very enjoyable and I highly recommend it!
Joubert(SA)--BS / Uni. of Pretoria
I truly love my school, because it is extremely well organized, and the facilities are state of the art.
We have a great group of foreign and Chinese teachers working at the school, and we all get along
great. The local environment is peaceful and really beautiful. There are lots of trees and all the
shops, restaurants and other amenities you could ever want.

Al Rowad International Schools Required Degrees: BA, Master and Educational Qualifications
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , Science , Math/Physics , Biology, ICT, Business Studies, Chemistry
Details: • Salary: Negotiable (Depending on experience and qualifications)
• Housing Allowance: SR17,000-SR22,000 (50% for single person)
• 4 Tickets round trip (employee + wife + 2 tickets for children)
• Medical Insurance will be provided for the employee and his dependants
• School tuition discount: 50% discount on tuition fees for 2 children

EduLINKED Required Degrees: BA is mandatory, Education related honor is a plus
Fields of Expertise: Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: To teach kids from 3 to 6 years old;
Working Time: 8: 00--16:30
Two years contract;
Base: 15,000-20,000 RMB before tax
Benefits: Housing allowance;
Return flight ticket;
Insurance covered;
Contract renewal bonus;
Paid holiday;
Working visa;

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Laowai Teachers Required Degrees: Any Degree
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University ,  
Details: Esl Teacher
Start date: Urgent
Salary: RMB12 000- RMB20 000, salary depends on experience
Locations: Shenzen, Foshan, Guandong, Beijing, Shanghai,

Wage package:
Salary depends on experience and background from RMB 13000 to RMB 20000.
Work visa sponsorship for successful applicants
Airport pick-up
Up to RMB 2000 hotel reimbursement
RMB10000 start-up loan for accommodation
12 months health and accident insurance for a one-year contract
Up to RMB 10000 flight reimbursement
Bonus based on annual performance
paid Government holiday; yearly annual leave
12 months; 2 month probation period
Basic requirements
English Native speaker (to meet with the government working visa application request)
Bachelor’s degree or above
Hold a Bachelor’s degree
Clean criminal background

TEFL certification/ Teaching Certificate
Send us your scan color documents, C.V and a copy of your passport and a one-minute video

ACE Career Required Degrees: B/A or B/S Degree Holder or Higher
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Spanish , Science , Math/Physics ,  
We are a reliable and ethical company in Korea to offer valuable job positions. We are
authorized and licensed recruiting agency by government. Our recruiting license number
issued by government is 2018-3530177-14-5-00012.
We are currently looking for qualified English teachers who would like to enjoy teaching
English in South Korea. We have high qualified School teaching positions available.
South Korea is a dynamic, advanced country in a class of its own. As an English teacher
Korea is a choice destination as demand for English instruction is well-developed and
there is an emphasis on English education placed on the youth in Korean society.
Students are genuinely motivated to learn English and ultimately one`s English level can
be the difference between a good life and an ordinary existence.
============Compensation, tax and Benefits=====
- Salary of 1800 - 3000 USD
- Working hours : 30 - 40 hours per week, averaging 22~30 hours of in-class instruction.
- Severance pay : 1 month salary paid upon completion of your contract
3-5percent (Yes, 3-5percent) Income tax rate, exempted for foreigners (other than
4.5percent of your salary matched by the National Pension Plan and paid out at the end
of the year
- Effective tax rate of 0.5percent
- Free housing, fully furnished accommodation provided
- Paid flight ticket
- 12 Statutory Holidays
- 2 Weeks paid vacation
- Medical and dental coverage of 50percent, costing approximately 2.4percent of your
A first doctor visit will cost you about 5-10 dollars and a second visit, 3-6 dollars.
Prescription medication is cheap (average $1~$5).
=========Qualifications ==========
1. The applicant must be a citizen from English speaking countries (USA, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa or Ireland). And
2. The applicant must hold 3 or 4 years University Degree or higher in any major ( BA/BS
or higher). And
3. No criminal record. ( aside from traffic citation). And
4. The applicant should be mentally and physically healthy.
******** How to apply ********
Please email us your formal resume and recent photo with the following fields:
* Nationality:
* Available date:
* Date of birth :
* Marital status:
* Preferred Location :
* Preferred teaching age :
* Tel # that We can reach or Skype ID:
* E2 visa documents that you have Now:
- Bachelors degree with apostille/ Korean Consulate notary: Yes( ) No ( )
- Clean Criminal Record Check (nation-wide) with apostile/ Korean Consulate notary:
Yes( ) No ( )
- If not, When did you request your national Criminal background check?
- Do you have CLEAN National Criminal background check?
* What is the most important thing when you choose a school: ex: location,salary¦
* If you worked as English teacher in Korea before, Could you let me know your last school’s TEL
number for reference check?

Nanjing Eternalsea International Kindergarten Required Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree or above
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , ESL to Children , Kindergarten ,  
Details: Nanjing Eternal Sea International Kindergarten is an IB PYP candidate school, located in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, China. As the former capital of six dynasties, the city prides itself on a rich historical atmosphere and is the political, economic and cultural center of the Southern part. The city is only a one-hour trip to Shanghai in bullet train. It’s also famous for its rich educational resources, with 12 top universities in China. The Kindergarten is sited in a quiet neighborhood in the university town, with access to Starbucks, gym, supermarket, park, restaurants and bars in walking distance, which provides students and teachers with a delightful studying and working condition. This area is also equipped with clinics, a renowned hospital and top local and international schools.
We develop our own curriculum system, welcoming children from 2 to 6 years old. We aim to cultivate all students to be life-long learners and responsible global citizens by providing an inquiring and challenging environment.
As a homeroom teacher you will teach a class of 20-26 children with the help of three assistant teachers. Daily work includes teaching, class preparation and cooperation with the PYP group.
1) Native English speaker
Due to visa and work permit policies in China for English teaching positions, we can only accept citizens of UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa.
2) Bachelor’s degree or above
3) Early Year Education, Linguistics, or Arts backgrounds preferred
4) Enthusiastic and flexible work attitude
5) Minimum 2 years of teaching experience
6) IB-PYP Certificate with working experience in IB World School
1) Negotiable and reasonable salary depending on experience, qualification and length of
2) Public Holidays + Paid one month’s vacation upon the completion of a one-year contract
3) Monthly accommodation reimbursement provided or modern furnished apartment near the
4) Round-trip air travel reimbursement
5) Insurance provided
6) Lunch provided at school during workdays
7) Ongoing training and professional development workshops
8) Career development opportunities
9) Airport pick-up service
10) Assistance in obtaining all the necessary documents: work permit, FEC, residence permit

Required Degrees: Bachelor degree or above-TESOL certificate
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , High School , University , Science , Math/Physics , Economics,English,History,PE,Arts,Science,IB
Details: Employer: International Schools in China.
School size: 100-1000 students each campus
Class size: 20-30 students per class. Teacher student ratio: 1:6
40 campuses this year in Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guiyang, Harbin, Hefei,
Lanzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhu, Shanghai and etc.
Position: Full-time Homeroom Teacher, AP / IB course English, Chemistry, Math &
Physics teachers, Art & History teachers, Social Studies teachers, Kindergarten, PE
teachers, Economics and Computer Science teachers
Location: 40 cities like Beijing/ Changsha/ Hangzhou/ Xiamen/ Guiyang/ Harbin/ Hefei
/Lanzhou/ Nanjing /Tianjin/ Wuhu and etc. and other cities
Contract duration: 1 year to 2 years (Up to employee’s choice)
Student type: Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and
Start Date: Roling
Application Deadline: ASAP
Working Hours: Monday to Friday with regular working hours

Compensation and Benefit package
1. Very competitive salary
2. Processing Fee of Visa, Residence Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate (Including
the dependent if applicable)
3. Physical Examination costs after employee’s arrival in China.
4. One round Trip airfare reimbursement
5. Arrival transportation service between the airport and the local location.
6. Free apartment on campus/ near campus.
7. On campus lunch subsidy.
8. Paid holiday including New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day
(May Day), National Day and a summer holiday for 4 weeks.
9. Paid sick leave (Up to 6 days per School Year).
10. Professional development as required.
11. Metlife medical insurance
1. English native speakers
2. Bachelor degree or above.
3. TESOL certificate.
4. Applicants with recognized teacher license will be preferred.
5. Applicants with previous teaching experiences will be preferred.
6. Applicants will be responsible for the following costs upon signing the employee
Ÿ Immunizations prior to departure
Ÿ Passport
Ÿ Translation of medical documents (if required)
Ÿ Non criminal record checks, marriage certificate and dependent certificate legalized
by Chinese
Ÿ All required documents for working visa application (Must be provided within 60 days
after the contract signed)

Exact Salary: Homeroom Teacher, AP/ IB course English, Math & Physics teachers, Art
& History teachers, Social Studies teachers, Computer Science teachers starts from
RMB 20,000 /month and can be more according to applicants’ teaching experiences,
degree and recognized licenses

If you are interested, please send your resume and supportive documents.

LTTC China Branch Required Degrees: No degree request
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , University , University , Science , Math/Physics ,  
Details: We have opportunities across China for ESL,PE, Literature
,Social science, Economics,Science(Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology), Psychology, Music,
Arts, Computer,and all other subjects teachers in schools and language
institutions with good benefits.Teaching experience and degree is not a must.

1)Public and private international school
 (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle Schools, high schools ).
2)Language institution
Location: Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Beijing,Shanghai ,Chengdu,Hangzhou,Changsha
 and other main cites of China.

Student Ages:
Kindergarten students: 3- 6 years old;
Elementary School 7-12 years old;
Middle School 12-15 years old, 
High school 15-18 yrs old ;
university students 19-22 years old.

Work Hours:40 hours per week, 2 days off
Up to 24 Class Hours per week (Each Class Hour approx. 45 Minutes)

Number of Schools with Availability: 20
Report Date:ASAP, or Aug.,2018

RMB 15000  to 35,000 up to your experience and qualification.The more ESL experience
and qualification you have, the greater the offer.
Free accommodation/house allowance
Full paid holiday
Working visa
Annual flight reimbursement.

1. Native English Speakers from UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland;
Qualified non-native teachers  also considered.
2. No degree and teaching experience required.
However holding bachelors degree or higher , and with over 2 yrs working experience
3.TEFL & TESOL or equivalent certificates holder.
 Certified teachers in your country prefer;
To apply, please email your resume/CV, passport copy, degree copy, teaching certificate
 copy to us.
Interviews will be conducted over Skype, immediate start dates. 

IINIZIO International Education Consultants Required Degrees: Bachelors in subject you wish to teach
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL , Nursery , Elementary , Curriculum Developer , ESL to Children , Kindergarten , Science , Math/Physics ,  
TAX-FREE overseas benefits contracts in KUWAIT (Middle East) !!!

The fabulous packages is not the only reason you should apply, teaching overseas is an amazing,
life-changing, exciting learning experience. The weather is beautiful for 9
months, we see rainfall for about 2 weeks a year which is one of the most attractive features.
Kuwait is an extremely family friendly close-knit community of expats from all over the world. The
nationals form ONLY a very small percentage of the total population.
The schools are all independent fee-paying schools chosen by the parents over excellent
free education for the standards they hold.

• Male/Female candidates with a Bachelors of education with 0 plus years of
teaching experience. Teaching certification/licence is an advantage though not
compulsory. Bachelors in any other related discipline (Maths to teach Maths, English
teach English etc ) and a Teaching Certifications and a license is an advantage
• Must have native level English ability
• Due to visa restrictions, we can only accept candidates with a British / Irish /
American / Canadian / Australian / new Zealander passport which should be valid
AT LEAST for over 2.5 years from the date of application.
• For Leadership roles, it is mandatory that the candidate have a Masters Degree
in Education related discipline.

HOW TO APPLY ( please read carefully for steps to apply )
Please upload your resume(MANDATORY) with 2 references (MANDATORY), latest photograph
(MANDATORY) a teaching philosophy, cover letter(could be interchanged with the teaching
philosophy letter) at http://iinizio/signup.php. There are many jobs listed at https://.iinizio/jobs , we
have several unadvertised jobs too !!!
Feel free, be creative, you could also send us links to your teaching videos, any work that
you have done and are proud of, any special honors/accolades you have received from
the children you have worked with.
We look forward to sharing this wonderful adventure with you!!!

• A monthly TAX FREE basic starting salary of 700 Kuwaiti Dinars (approx. please
refer to .xe for the current conversion rates) going higher based on experience and
qualifications paid monthly in Kuwaiti Dinars.
• Free furnished utilities paid centrally air-conditioned/heated accommodation
(shared in some cases where you will still have your own bedroom only the common
areas are shared, individual in others)
• One annual return flight for the TEACHER ONLY
• Government health insurance for TEACHER ONLY
• Discounted tuition fees for dependent children studying in the same school
• End of service benefits

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